SVF Stories

SVF Stories is a platform which brings you a fresh array of content, consisting of both fiction and non-fiction videos.

The channel intends to be a hub for short-format slice-of-life videos, mass interactive videos, and longform fictional series. By producing content that is light, fun, but highly relatable, SVF Stories thrive to achieve the status of an on-the-go entertainment stop for the urban youth. All the content that is uploaded in the channel is designed specifically to cater to the YouTube audience, and is absolutely free. The target of the channel is to produce videos that are humorous, witty, and relatable. The videos range from sketches depicting quintessential problems, short-films produced by promising talents, to fun game shows, and full length fictional mini series. The channel is devoted to the handpicking and production of content that are diverse in terms of both form and content, while being free of cost to the audience. The aim of SVF Stories is to curate ordinary stories from all around us, and to retell them through an innovative voice that never fails to entertain you.




Short Stories

Khoka Reviews

The Eken

Kakababur Protyaborton




Tangra Blues

Prem Tame


Kakima Chronicles