SVF Devotional

SVF Devotional is the one stop destination for the largest and the most diverse catalogue of spiritual music in Eastern India.

Since its advent, the vertical has grown exponentially to build an audience base of its own, who dedicatedly follow and engage with the content that is deployed over 25+ platforms regularly. With 216 videos published till date, the YouTube channel has been able to earn more than 5 lakh subscribers and owns a Silver Play Button, clocking 14 Crores + views collectively. From bhajans, kirtans and Vedic mantras to spiritual Tagore Songs, the catalogue is as diverse as it can be. A perfect blend of age old traditional devotional songs, with modern influences building upon the relevance of these evergreen melodies, SVF Devotional has been able to establish a benchmark to look up to.

Shyama Sangeet






Pujo Parjaye Rabindrasangeet