A story of a girl named Trinayani, who can foresee anything bad or harmful that is happening to others. Since whatever she forewarns the villagers about comes true, they accuse her of having an inauspicious tongue. Trinayani is unable to convince anybody that her intentions are good and all she wants is to save people from the harm that she foresees, and the villagers force her into isolation.

One such premonition, when Trinayani foresees an accident that Dripto Basu is headed towards, she helps save his life. Dripto’s father, Tapabrata Basu, is overwhelmed by this and decides to get Dripto married to Trinayani, as his life is under threat by his step-mother and step-brothers. Tapabrata believes that Trinayani will be able to save Dripto from the conspiracy against him, but Dripto does not accept the marriage and abandons Trinayani.

Will Trinayani be able to win Dripto’s love and save his life from his conspirators?

Lead Casts

Shruti Das
Gourav Roychowdhury
Poushmita Chatterjee
Bodhisatwa Majumdar
Mita Chatterjee

Channel Name

Zee Bangla


Mon-Sat | 8:00 PM