DREAM DEBUT: She has lived in the Middle East for most of her life, and nurtured the desire of becoming an actress since childhood.

Muscat- born model Sanjana Banerjee is excited to step into the shoes of Khushi in her debut Bengali film, Fidaa , opposite Yash Dasgupta.

” I feel so happy, just like my namesake. My character is a very happy, intelligent girl, who is also practical. She is very calm and composed, ” said Sanjana, who shot for a film for the first time on Tuesday. ” This is like a dream come true. I ‘ m just soaking it in. It feels so unreal. The crew has been so supportive. They have been patient and helped me a lot. It was a super experience, ” said the Shah Rukh Khan- Alia Bhatt fan.

Fidaa is directed by Pathikrit Basu.

ARJUN- PARINEETI SHOOT IN TRYING CONDITIONS: Dibakar Banerjee is all praise for Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra , the lead stars of his September release Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar , who shot the Yash Raj film under trying conditions.

From bone- chilling climatic conditions near the Indo- Nepal border to Arjun ‘ s gruelling three- month training with the cops, Parineeti lying on a mud floor without eating or drinking for six hours to taking local trains, living in tents and trekking hills — Arjun and Parineeti have shown a lot of commitment to shoot this thriller.

” Arjun Kapoor can ‘ t stop doing retakes even in conditions that are immensely challenging. We couldn ‘ t have finished this film on schedule without his absolute focus and courage under fire. Very, very cool, and very generous to his co- actors and the crew, while being totally focused on his craft, ” says Dibakar.

Parineeti, too, braved the cold, insects and dust to complete the film without any complaints. ” We are in this small mud hut somewhere 7,000 ft up in December. Parineeti has been lying on the floor for about two hours in freezing cold as we set up shot after shot. She had to shoot lying still in the freezing cold for six hours. Then in the falling sunlight she has to scream out loud take after take till her voice goes completely. This was a typical day for 50 days on the sets of Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar. Parineeti Chopra is world- class, ” adds Dibakar.