Saurav Das: I isolated myself for more than a week to prepare for Montu Pilot

Saurav Das is a known face in the Bangla web series world. He is the lead character in upcoming Hoichoi Original series Montu Pilot. Montu, the lead of the series, is a man who grows up in the red light area. His life starts and is engulfed in darkness. No wonder than that Saurav Das feels this is the toughest character he has played so far.

“Montu is a very dark character, driven by crisis. I had to isolate myself for more than a week, to get into the head-space needed to play a character like that,” says Saurav.

The young actor left his life in the city and started staying at his grandmother’s house in Batanagar. Saurav recollects, “The top floor of her house is abandoned and derelict. I lived there for days, totally aloof from my normal life. I switched off my mobile, only using it a few times. The only human interaction I had was with the men who came to deliver my meals.” Owner of a bushy mane of hair, Saurav also wanted to go bald for Montu Pilot. But director Debaloy Bhattacharya intervened. “He told me to get a close-shaved crew cut instead,” smiles Saurav.

The Saurav-Debaloy relationship goes back to another Hoichoi Original series, Charitraheen. “Debaloy-da told me the story of Montu Pilot one and a half years ago, when we were shooting Charitraheen. He was impressed by my performance in that series and told me that only I can play the role of Montu,” says Saurav. He adds, “Debaloy-da called me last August and said that we will start shooting for Montu Pilot soon. I cancelled working in a film, so that I could focus on this series. Actually it has become an addiction for me to work with Debaloy Bhattacharya.”

Montu Pilot has nine episodes and will release this December on Hoichoi TV.