Official Poster and Looks of Characters of Ek Je Chhilo Raja Revealed

The official poster of SVF Entertainment and Srijit Mukherji’s much awaited film Ek Je Chhilo Raja is out and has been garnering much response from the audience.

The poster reveals an old palace room which is in a state of ruins and has an elaborate picture hanging on the wall. The picture is of the Bhawal Raja (Jisshu U Sengupta) or the Feudal Prince of Bhawal Estate (Bikrampur Estate) who is decked up in his hunting attire, standing on the dead remains of a tiger which seems to be the trophy animal that he has hunted down. Right beneath that ornate picture sits a man who by his unusual apparel and dreadlocks seems to be a Sanyasi (Jisshu U Sengupta). His entire body is smeared with ashes and covered in strange marks. The fascinating part is the uncanny physical similarities between the man in the picture and the Sanyasi sitting underneath it. Thus, begins the curious saga of the Bhawal Raja and Sanyasi that will be depicted in the film Ek Je Chhilo Raja.

Also unveiled were the looks of some of the important members of the prominent cast in the film. Jaya Ahsan , Rajnandini Paul, Sreenanda Shankar, Anirban Bhattacharya and Rudranil Ghosh . The looks of other two important characters- Anjan Dutt and Aparna Sen have not been revealed and has been kept as a surprise to be used for the promotion of the film in later stage.

Written and directed by Srijit Mukherji, Ek Je Chhilo Raja is scheduled to release 12th October 2018 during the period of Durga Puja.