‘Koshtoneer’ to stream from January 15

The film features a stellar ensemble cast including Tarik Anam Khan, Shamol Mawla, Sabila Nur, Yash Rohan, Saberi Alam, Runa Khan, and Sayed Babu

‘Koshtoneer’, directed Ashfaque Nipun, will be streaming from January 15 on Hoichoi. The trailer was launched on Sunday.

The story revolves round a family who reside in Dhaka. The head of the family, Shamsul Haque Chowdhury (Tarik Anam Khan), a conservative business man, wants to keep his children under tight leash. Raihan (Shamol Mawla), Shamsul’s favourite child, was very good at academics and education. His father had dreamt of Raihan being a doctor, but with difference in ideologies towards life and him choosing politics, he does not abide by his father’s wishes and that makes their relationship bitter. The so-called happiness in their family takes a weird turn when all the brothers and sisters unite together on the occasion of younger daughter Rashna’s (Sabila Nur) marriage.