‘I fear deadlines’, says Tolly actor Sohini Sarkar before the release of her movie, Vinci Da

She panics when it comes to meeting deadlines or reaching somewhere on time. Compliments sit light on her and she possesses a great sense of humour. That’s Sohini Sarkar for you, an actor who doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is also one of the few talented actors in Tollywood who takes one assignment at a time.

“I cannot handle shooting for more than one role at the same time. It is too disorienting for me to handle several projects at a time,” says the bubbly actor, exuding confidence in a pair of dark blue denims, a striped shirt and red sneakers.

The powerhouse performer, who takes each day at a time, has come a long way since she debuted in television in 2006, while she was still in school. There was no looking back after her silver screen debut in Atanu Ghosh’s Rupkotha Noy in 2013, where she gave a stellar performance alongside stalwarts like Soumitra Chatterjee, Kaushik Sen and Radika Apte. Since then, Sohini has carefully chosen all her films including Indranil Roy Chowdhury’s Phoring, Kaushik Ganguly’s Cinemawala, Anindya Chatterjee’s Open Tee Bioscope, Srijit Mukherji’s Rajkahini, and Arindam Sil’s Durga Sohay.

Her innocent act as truth seeker Byomkesh Bakshi’s wife, Satyabati, in Arindam Sil’s movies on the popular sleuth, has won the hearts of the audience too. The actor, who will be seen playing an ordinary woman, Jaya, in Srijit Mukherji’s upcoming film, Vinci Da (releases April 12) opposite actor Rudranil Ghosh, speaks with us about her future projects and why she feels there’s nothing to regret about the dearth of female-oriented content. Excerpts:…Click here to read the full story