KOLKATA: Bengali video streaming platform Hoichoi has come up with a new web series called Do Not Disturb. Well-known actors like Sudiptaa Chakraborty, June Malia, Anindya Banerjee, and Debleena Sen are part of this project.

The web series is like an anthropology, with each episode comprising of a different story by a different director. The only common factor between all the stories is that they take place in a hotel room. The six stories are Kalidas, Cold Feet, The Storm, Kongshobodh, Plastic, and Sheth Komol.

Via Do Not Disturb, ace film and television actress Sudiptaa Chakraborty is making her digital debut. The story that features her is called Kalidas. Directed by Arkava Banerjee, it also stars Anindya Banerjee. The story will see how a divorced screenwriter mysteriously loses his wedding ring while spending a night in a hotel. Whether or not he will be able to crack the script and recover the ring before the ex-wife’s visit forms the crux.

Directed by Anusuya Mitra, Cold Feet narrates what happens when two high school boys come to the city for an entrance exam, spend a night together, and realize that their lives will never be the same again. It stars Rwitobroto Mukherjee and Soham Maitra.

June Malia and Anusha Vishwanathan starrer The Storm narrates the tale of two women: Ambalika Ghosh and Meghla. Ambalika’s post creates a lot of ruckus on social media about ‘choosing to be a mother’ amongst political jingoists. Meghla, a young journalism intern in the hope of pleasing her boss, pursues her luck to get an interview from her. After much hue and cry and many glasses of wine, the two women share their lives. Dawn breaks, but has Meghla found her answers? Aishwarya Dasgupta has directed The Storm.

Kongshobodh stars Debopriyo Mukherjee and Debleena Sen, and is directed by Tathagata Ghosh. It shows what happens when the son of a beloved political leader takes shelter in a shady hotel after murdering his parents, and gets a visit from a mysterious woman who makes him come to terms with his dark past.

Plastic narrates what happens when a professor walks into a hotel room and is greeted by a familiar stranger. The Sunny Ray directorial features Gourab Chatterjee and Ratasree Dutta.

Starring Priyanka Mondal, Darshana Banik, and Rana Basu Thakur, Sheth Komol is about the story of a pop star, whose peaking career is threatened by scandal. Her husband and her lover plot to murder her. Abhijay Gupta is the director of this story.