FB leaders watch Srijit movie trailer at party HQ

The leaders of the Forward Bloc, who had earlier protested against the portrayal of Netaji in director Srijit Mukherji’s upcoming movie ‘Gumnaami’, will attend the premier of the movie next month. The leaders, who watched the trailer of the movie on Sunday at the party headquarters, said they are not yet convinced if the movie had deviated from the facts.

“We are not against a movie or its director. It is a free country and anyone can make a movie on Subhas Chandra Bose. But we will not accept any deviation from facts,” said Naren Chatterjee, general secretary of the party’s state committee. Earlier in April, Bloc leader Debabrata Roy claimed that Gumnaami Baba of Uttar Pradesh has no connection with Netaji. He also claimed that the DNA of Gumnaami Baba did not match with that of Netaji and that was recorded by the Justice Mukherjee Commission.

Srijit, who faced a volley of questions from Netaji scholars on Sunday, claimed that he has followed the report of the Justice Mukherjee Commission. “I have even mentioned about the two-page report filed by S K Mandal with the Mukherjee commission. In the report he mentioned that Bhagwanji’s (Gumnaami Baba) handwriting did not match with that of the Netaji,” he said. “The name ‘Gumnaami’ is a Hindi translation of the word ‘unknown’ and is in no way linking the Gumnaami Baba with Subhas Chandra Bose,” he added. Many believe that the Gumnaami Baba was the Netaji in disguise.