‘Bornoporichoy’ trailer promises a nail-biting thriller

The official trailer of Mainak Bhaumik’s upcoming thriller ‘Bornoporichoy’ promises a spine-chilling thriller plotting Abir Chatterjee and Jisshu Sengupta opposite each other for the first time while Priyanka Sarkar plays the female lead.

Indraadip Dasgupta’s haunting background score makes the trailer more interesting. The trailer introduces Abir as a serial killer with a typical gentleman image against Jisshu Sengupta, a cop who has lost everything in his life.

Given the trailer’s snippets, it seems Abir’s series of crimes forces the administration to employ Jisshu back who was serving a suspension for reasons yet unknown. The crimes puzzle him as the killer with a weird personality leaves behind a symbol, more precisely an alphabet, every time he strikes.

The story revolves around the killer and a cop like a cat and mouse game. While Abir’s character believes he is controlling the game, Jisshu as the determined cop challenges him manipulating each of his moves. So, get ready for some bone-chilling crime scenes and equally thrilling chase sequences. Priyanka Sarkar will be seen as Jisshu’s wife in the film playing a crucial role in his past.
‘Bornoporichoy’ is slated for a July 26 release.