Birsa Dasgupta on foraying into comedy with Bibaho Obhijaan, and learning from Anurag Kashyap

40-year-old Birsa Dasgupta has been making films for close to 20 years now. And when I speak to him even today, he does not consider himself a successful filmmaker. Armed with an honesty that is rare to come by in the industry, Dasgupta speaks of his love for comedy films, his mentorship under Anurag Kashyap, and his lifelong dream of having an all-out item number in at least one of his films – a dream that came come true with his latest release, Bibaho Obhijaan. Excerpts from an interview:

How did Bibaho Obhijaan happen?

After finishing work on my previous film Crisscross, I was working on a script of mine when my dear friend, actor Rudranil Ghosh, told me the gist of a story that he had written. My first reaction to his story was – I like it, but we’ve seen, read and heard stories like this several times before, so there’s nothing new in it. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me that there was something very appealing to it, and that this could work. I told him the same and he went back and started fleshing it out in detail in the form of a script. When I saw the final outcome, I decided to hold my script for some time and make Bibaho Obhijaan instead….Click here to read the full story