A cinematic treat for children

This Christmas promises to be a cinematic treat for children of the City of Joy, with ace director Raj Chakraborty ready to launch his first adventure flick for children. Titled The Adventures of Jojo, this movie revolves around Jojo – a young boy of class seven, who goes to visit his uncle’s place in Baropahari. Here, he befriends a local boy Shibu and an elephant Nonibala. The three of them become best of friends and roam around the forests of Baropahari, enjoying the wildlife there.

“I have been making all kinds of films, but making a children’s film like Tom Ling was always on my wishlist. Though the film is basically about wildlife, it also focusses on friendship,” Raj Chakraborty told in an interview to Millennium Post.

Going back to the plot, on one hand Jojo and Shibu discover the dead remains of a tiger and realise the sad reality of poachers lurking in the jungle. On the other hand, a notorious poacher Munia Hazari is roaming in the jungles of Baropahari in search of the most feared beast of the forest, Chengis. Will Jojo be able to rescue Chengis from the clutches of Munia Hazari and save the jungle and its wildlife – is what the plot revolves around. Who is Chengis whom the entire jungle of Baropahari fears?

Jojo is played by Jashojeet Banerjee (son of actor Joyjit Banerjee and grandson of veteran actor Jayanta Banerjee). Other actors include Samiul Alam, Rudranil Ghosh, Padmanabha Dasgupta, Manali Dey and Jeetu Kamal.

The story has been developed by Padmanabha Dasgupta and Raj Chakraborty. The screenplay and dialogues are by Padmanabha Dasgupta, the cinematographer is Soumik Halder and Manas Ganguly, and the music and background score is by Indraadip Dasgupta. Jojor Gaan has been sung by Arijit Singh.

The film is looking at a national release in a few days from now. Also, if the audience’ response is encouraging, the director will be inspired to make more children’s flicks in the future. Directed by Raj Chakraborty, Adventures of Jojo will release on December 21.