Ballabhpurer Roopkotha

The almost crumbling Rajbari of Ballabhpur only has two men living- The last descendant of Ray dynasty – Bhupati Ray and his inherited menial Manohar. The ’Dynasty’ merely exists as there is no trace of wealth except this ruin. Both the dwellers overburdened with heavy debts and seek no hope of betterment until one day, Kolkata’s soap King, Mr. Haldar plans buying the property. In order to convince Mr. Haldar and family that Ballabhpur is nothing but a unique piece of history and heritage and that Bhupati Ray represents the royal blood, they decide to put up an act. They embark on a journey to create an illusion of dynasty. The Haldar family arrives and gets easily convinced by the act. But what can potentially lead to a confusion is the arrival of a 400-year-old ghost at the Ballabhpur mansion every night, at 11pm. One night, one ghost, few living beings and hullabaloo of actions makes Ballabhpur Rajbari a temple of chaos!